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Looking To The Future of Municipal LED Lighting

Decorative LED street lighting, and large-scale projects like LED roadway lighting and parking lots are making municipalities a better place for its residents.

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5 Improvements Made Possible by LED Street Lights

Want to go green with LED outdoor lighting? Not all LED lighting is perfect for every situation, and the right combination is integral to CA lighting design.

Everything You Should Know About LED Lighting Retrofits

Outdoor LED landscape lighting is becoming the norm for municipalities and outdoor LED lighting projects in California and Nevada. Here’s why.

How LED Street Lighting Has Been Shown To Cut City Crime

Outdoor LED lighting projects have many benefits. See how LED street lighting has been shown to reduce crime in cities in our municipal street lighting blog.

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5 Game Changing Municipal LED Renovation Trends

Outdoor LED lighting projects are expanding with new LED technology. Municipalities across the country are seeing these 5 benefits from LEDs.

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