Outdoor LED Street Lights and LED Roadway Lighting

More and more municipalities are looking to LED street lights as a way to upgrade or replace their preexisting systems. This post takes a look at why cities and towns are making this change as well as the benefits brought about by the shift.

Declining Prices and Cost Savings

Claire Swedberg of Electrical Contractor magazine has identified multiple factors behind the increasing pace of LED adoption. One factor is that the hardware needed to install LED lighting technology has precipitously fallen in price. Another is the desire of municipalities to cut down on energy usage, saving money in the process. LED lights also require less maintenance, with a lifespan four times that of options like mercury-vapor and HPS lamps. 

Just how big is the shift? One research firm predicted that by 2030, most outdoor lighting in the United States will use LEDs. That will surely include great swathes of municipal LED street lighting.

Benefits of the Shift

Aside from the aforementioned cost savings, the adoption of LED technology brings other benefits that municipalities can enjoy now and in the future. That is especially true for LED street lights. For example, Josh Kramer of the Mobility Lab highlights Los Angeles and Copenhagen as two cities on the cutting edge of LED roadway lighting: Los Angeles uses extra electricity to fuel electric cars, while Copenhagen has an advanced traffic system that makes use of LEDs to improve safety. 

These benefits require the presence of control mechanisms able to handle LED modulations, but municipalities that have those installed during an LED retrofit can knock out both tasks in one go. For example, Swedberg reports that workers can set up wireless controllers on new lighting fixtures during installation, helping the entire system shift toward intelligent lighting. Additionally, this can save time and money by eliminating the need for another upgrade project. Once installed in this manner, municipalities can enjoy the benefits of intelligent, functional, and decorative LED street lighting.

Outdoor LED Lighting Projects From Great Basin Lighting

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