Go Green with Outdoor LED Lighting

Owing to the longevity, efficiency, and lighting power of LED technology, many people are interested in what goes into an LED lighting retrofit. In particular, LED lighting is surging in popularity when it comes to outdoor applications. For instance, many cities are investigating LED lighting as an outdoor solution that will let them replace HID lighting while maintaining the city’s existing aesthetic. However, there are some considerations anyone considering this change should keep in mind.

Heat Generation and Dispersal
As explained in an article published by LEDs Magazine, LEDs create a large amount of heat despite their overall efficient nature. This means that getting rid of excess heat is a large factor in the success of LED outdoor lighting. Unlike HID lighting, which thrives in heat, LEDs can be drastically affected by extra warmth.

LED manufacturers create their products with different materials that affect the heat-dissipation capacities of their lights. During a retrofitting operation, it is essential to work with the LED manufacturer to identify the best cooling solution. One lighting outlet, Eye Lighting International, recommends having the manufacturer perform detailed testing to identify the cooling requirements. This will extend the life of the LED system, making it more cost effective.

Surge Dispersal
Like heat, LED street lighting must also be able to handle excess discharges—that is, they need surge protection. Eye Lighting International advises paying special attention to the surge-suppression features of an LED system. By contrast, this consideration is not as important with HID-based lighting setups. Regardless, surge protection is essential for protecting any LED setup and ensuring it lasts.

The Light Center Length
In retrofitting projects—whether for outdoor LED landscape lighting, street lighting, or other applications—it is essential that the new light sources have a light center length identical to the old sources of light. This lets the luminaire—that is, the lighting system as a complete unit—achieve peak performance.

What to Expect from LED Outdoor Lighting

Many localities turn to LED lighting as a way to save money, which can certainly help over the long run. However, when installing them in the first place, it is best to work with the lights source’s manufacturers and qualified installation professionals. Quicker, cheaper methods are available, but they will lack in quality and durability. Our team of lighting professionals are here to help plan your next retrofit and keep your city looking beautiful and connected. Contact us through our website here

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