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Great Basin Lighting Inc.

GBL Inc. has over 40 years combined experience in representing outdoor lighting products for Transportation, Utility, Municipal, Commercial & Residential projects in Northern California and Northern Nevada areas.

We specialize in new construction, retrofit and replacement of outdoor lighting products. At Great Basin Lighting, we consult with our clients to provide solutions on all lighting designs and in-field options.

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The importance of

Light Pole Replacement

Outdated, corroding and/or structurally compromised lighting infrastructure are huge liabilities for both owners and operators alike.

Light pole structures, foundations, fixtures and attachments are designed, engineered, constructed and installed with intent from the original manufacturer at time of design and implementation.

Keeping up to date and conscious of the condition of your lighting infrastructure is crucial to ensure structural integrity, material sustainability and aesthetic uniformity within your community.

Partner with Great Basin Lighting and allow us to help navigate the process of updating your lighting infrastructure today.  Learn more ›

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