Smart Cell 5g Helps Communities Rebuild After a Wildfire

See How Smart Cell Lighting Is Protecting and Insuring Cities

In 2020, residents of California and other parts of the country’s western area have watched wildfires devastate cities and upend lives. In fact, one fire grew so large that it required an entirely new classification. Despite the best efforts of brave firefighters and other relief workers, it’s impossible to completely defeat such fires before they cause harm; however, technology like 5G smart poles can play a helpful role after wildfires.

Outdoor LED lighting

See How You Can get Involved In Smart Cities and Smart Cell Poles

The technology mounted in municipal LED street lighting poles can also aid with traffic flow, public transit, and other transportation options.

Discover the Top 3 Benefits of Smart Cell Poles

Learn more about future applications from the industry professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company with expertise in 5g poles and small cell 5g technology.

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How 5g Benefits Green Technology

Smart cell 5g is a revolutionary tool for any community- beyond simple lighting solutions. This technology provides the foundation for wireless communications.

A Global Perspective of Smart Cell Poles

When cities and municipalities turn to smart LED street lighting systems, they are looking to connect their cities.

How are Cities Deploying 5G Poles?

The technology mounted in municipal LED street lighting poles is improving cities so drastically that municipalities are scrambling to retrofit their outdoor LED lights.

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