Top 5 Outdoor LED Lighting Myths

LED Municipal Street Lighting Myths

While it’s good that more and more people are learning about the benefits of LED outdoor lighting, it’s also important to not let myths muddy the information. Below are some common LED mistruths to be aware of.

Smart Lighting Solutions for Cities

CA utility poles that make electric-car charging a breeze will be much more attractive to residents with sustainable vehicles.

Caltrans Says LED Roadway Lighting is Cheaper, Safer, & More Sustainable

This article goes over some of the ways municipal LED street lighting and similar LED lighting projects are helping America’s cities shine.

15 Advantages of Municipal LED Lighting

Smart street lighting with 5g smart poles in smart cities is allowing and aiding municipalities to achieve their energy goals and leaving less of a carbon footprint behind.

What is The Scope of Municipal LED Lighting?

Because they consume less energy than older forms of lighting, the LED lights increasingly found on California smart cell poles and across the country are naturally better for the environment.

municipal LED lighting

How Smart Cell Poles Improve CA Highways and Roads

Take a look at Smart Cells in California to see the huge benefits that smart cell poles offer.