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Why LED Street Lighting is More Efficient

Is Decorative LED Street Lighting The Future?

There is a lot of excitement brewing regarding new technology that promises to make LED municipal applications, like streetlights, much more efficient and cost-saving than ever before. The key to this phenomena is recent Red Phosphor research that shows how to improve and increase the impact of LED outdoor lighting, such as LED roadway lighting and streetlights, which can potentially save towns, counties, and municipalities countless dollars. Wondering why now is the time for LED retrofits? Consider the latest LED technology:

Smart Street Lighting Should Be Your City’s First Step

Another benefit of Caltrans approved lighting poles with LED bulbs is their positive effect on traffic flow.

LED Lighting For California Bridge Systems

From a motorist and pedestrian safety perspective, evenly distributed municipal LED street lighting provides a clearer view of the road ahead.

What Are The Advantages of LED Street Lights?

Want to learn more about California smart cell 5g and smart lighting systems across the region?

Outdoor lighting design

LED Lighting is Helping Cities go Carbon Neutral

Municipalities also choose outdoor LED street lighting because of its compatibility with smart cell 5g technology

Top 5 Outdoor LED Lighting Myths

Outdoor LED lighting and CA utility poles are taking over municipalities.