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Municipal LED Lighting Is the Green Solution

More and more locales and municipalities are turning to LED street lights to replace their high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. They are making a wise choice, given the following five advantages provided by LED roadway lighting.

Less Toxicity and Heat
According to Jacob Silverman at, one of the biggest selling points of LED-based setups over HPS-based setups is that LEDs do not contain mercury, which is toxic. HPS fixtures do contain mercury and other unhealthy chemicals. Additionally, LEDs emit very little heat, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver resource.

Energy Efficiency
For city planners that desire green outdoor lighting, LEDs are the way to go. Per Silverman, LEDs are extremely efficient when it comes to using energy. In fact, they are twice as efficient as compact fluorescent bulbs. Additionally, compared to traditional streetlights, LEDs can pump out 22 more lumens per watt.

Support of Smart Technology
LEDs can seamlessly integrate with modern city infrastructures, which are becoming more intelligent all the time. For instance, LEDs can make it easy to adjust lighting intensity depending on the time of day and other conditions. That’s because unlike other lighting options,
LEDs are dimmable.

LEDs can also provide flexible levels of support to a city’s transportation infrastructure, making it more efficient. For example, in Copenhagen, LED streetlights brighten and dim depending on whether a vehicle is around or not, per The New York Times.

As pointed out by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, which is part of the Department of Energy, outdoor LED lighting projects are able to build lighting setups that deliver a great deal of precision. LEDs allow for a “high degree of control” regarding light patterns and directions. By contrast, traditional lights tend to spray light in all directions, unless they are manipulated with reflectors or other clunky add-ons.

Rising Popularity, Falling Prices
Though LEDs are becoming more in-demand than ever, in general, their prices are falling. That is just one more reason this ever-improving technology is rising in popularity.

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