Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

Thinking about upgrading to LED retrofits? There is a lot to know about retrofitting your facility and converting your light sources to LED. Retrofitting makes reference to bringing in a new component that was previously not there; when it comes to lighting, most current retrofits occur when consumers make the conversion to LED.

Here’s Everything You Should Know About LED Lighting Retrofits:

LED is widely popular. LED lighting is replacing conventional lighting options for a variety of applications. This includes outdoor residential lighting, decorative LED street lighting, and large-scale projects like LED roadway lighting and parking lots.

LED is not the same. LEDs works differently than your traditional lighting options do; talk to a lighting professional to learn more.

Look at the bigger picture. If you are going to make the move to LED, take a look at the larger picture. There could be some inventive business opportunities, such as partnerships or federal rebates, for making the switch now. Take advantage of such incentives.

LED is better quality light. When it comes to light quality, LED is the way to go. It is widely reported that LED provides improved lighting quality over halogen or incandescent lighting fixtures, especially when talking about your outdoor LED lighting projects.

LED is less maintenance costs. LED has a long life which reduces the maintenance of changing bulbs regularly. Over time, this will reduce your overall operating costs.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Any way that you can curb your energy use, you are reducing the carbon footprint that you- and your community- leave behind. LED is energy efficient!

Get compatible dimmers. It is not common for the LED dimmers and hardware to be compatible with traditional lights and lamps. Make sure that you have LED dimmers that are made to be used with your LED lighting fixtures or features.

Do you know where LED retrofitting is happening? The short answer is everywhere! You will find LED retrofits widely in parking lots, commercial spaces, stadiums, schools, subways, and anywhere else that municipal authorities want the most-bang for their budgetary buck.

Most businesses find that most of their operating costs are related to utilities, and of these expenses, electricity for your lighting is a big one. Updating your fixtures and lighting to LED makes good sense and is one of the smartest moves you can make to save money in the long-term.

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