LED Roadway Lighting Is The Future For Municipalities

Studies show that retrofitting existing roadway fixtures with LED roadway lighting helps to reduce crime in some regions. In a country where 40% of the population doesn’t feel safe walking around after dark, LED could be a prudent step toward crime prevention in towns and cities widely.

LED lighting makes good sense for several reasons.

Brighter Light, Less Crime
A recent experiment tested the theory that LED lighting can impact the crime rate in some cities and the results were surprising. During this particular experiment in Chicago and New York, LED streetlights appear to have decreased crime by 39%. The types of crime curbed included serious infractions like assault, robbery, significant property crimes, and murder. Additionally, offenses including guns and weapons offenses, homicide, and nighttime assault dropped by 12% during this study. The evidence is compelling and worth taking a closer look at.

Save Energy While You Are at It
Who doesn’t want to save energy? Saving energy equates to saving money. In Los Angeles, the city made the switch to LED streetlights and are enjoying the nearly 50,000 hours of service that their new streetlights provide. Experts estimate that the city will have maintenance-free illumination for at least ten years, based on 12-hour usage days. LED is the energy-efficient option for home and business projects, so make outdoor LED lighting projects a fiduciary priority this season.

Enhance Curb Appeal and Aesthetics
Another reason to love LED is aesthetics; the new streetlights are attractive and brighter than regular streetlights. They illuminate a wider-berth, which allows for better visual clarity. A space illuminated with LED has the glow of a sunny day- it is amazing! Furthermore, decorative LED street lighting could be used for flair and distinction during holiday seasons, civic remembrances, or special events. The possibilities are endless.

Residential, Commercial and Municipal LED Lighting Installation in California and Nevada

Ready to make the switch to LED? Contact the lighting professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, on why using LED makes sense. If LED street lights can help reduce crime, imagine what LED lighting for your municipality can do!

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