Why LED Lighting for Municipalities is a Popular Choice

Sure, switching out to LED bulbs in your favorite lamps makes good sense, but where does LED lighting have the most impact? LED is viable for many practical applications and uses, especially municipal and community lighting projects. Some of the reasons for the evolution toward decorative LED street lighting include:

  • Light quality
  • Longevity
  • Less heat
  • Durability
  • Energy Efficiency

Even if you are not contemplating a renovation as expansive as municipal applications, consider how outdoor LED landscape lighting can enhance your property and solve your lighting dilemmas.

Five exciting and revolutionary LED renovations include these municipal lighting applications:

Street Lights
Municipalities are already seeing the move toward LED roadway lighting, but what about street lights? City leaders are discovering the money that can be saved with energy-efficient LEDs, as well as a reduction in the overall footprint left behind. LED equates to less-maintenance which saves money; when combined with the energy-savings, LED becomes an alluring option to consider for street lights.

Parking Lots
Parking lots are perfect for LED lighting, providing more ambient light and a safer environment for those utilizing the space. The savings in costs allows for more security measures which may reduce incidences of crime in some areas.

Stadiums and Arenas
Fans across the country will start to see the move toward LED at stadiums, parks, and outdoor theaters. Teams in both the NFL and MLB have converted their stadium lighting to LEDs. As the advantages of LED lighting emerge, you’ll see an increase in these facilities utilizing LED lighting solutions. Plus, the lighting is so much better for viewing the game or event.

There is a trend toward stewardship and sustainability among campuses and schools widely. Facility leaders are choosing long-lasting, eco-friendly LEDs to replace outdated lighting systems. Since the quality of illumination is much better, students are reaping the benefits, too!

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of LED. They are maximizing the potential for outdoor lighting, security, and even ambient lighting throughout the home. Invest now on energy-efficient LED to save money later.

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