Why You Can Expect To See More Smart Cell Poles

City living simply would not be the same without smart cell 5g and 5g technology, particularly during the recent trend of working from home and homeschooling in light of the global pandemic. Everything from a work conference call to your child being taught basic academia is contingent on a solid and secure internet connection and Small cell 5g bandwidth.

So, how does smart cell 5g technology help people living in these smart cities?


5G networks offer those living in service areas faster connectivity, lower latency, increased internet speed, and improved wireless capacities. The innovations afforded by 5g technology easily transition to public safety, traffic control, and municipal management through smart cell poles being implemented widely.

The Economy

The advance of 5g technology also has a ripple effect on the economy, both local and across the map. An estimated $275 billion in infrastructure monies is expected to be invested. A main part of this includes allocations for construction projects, which in-turn contributes to jobs and the local economies.


Speaking of infrastructure, the developments of 5g technology promise around three million potential jobs in this country over the next three years.


People are busy and need responsive telecommunications and internet provision. Smartphones are part of everyday life and many rely on these devices for their primary source of income. This surge in usage takes a toll on the network, creating a slower, less-reliable connection- 5g changes that. This technology drops fewer calls, shortens time spent buffering, and reduces your messages from vanishing into thin air- all typical hurdles with lesser technology.

The Future

So, what does the future look like? Additional technology and implementation are needed, for sure. Smart cells are a viable solution to this growing need; they are small, discreet, and multipurpose. For instance, they could be built-in to streetlights or a utility pole in lieu of building more towers and constructs. The potential applications are vast and exciting to anticipate.

Cities are Embracing 5g Small Cell Tech

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