Small Cell and 5g Poles Give Cities an Advantage

Smart cell poles have changed the way that cities manage, function, and operate. Smart cell poles play many roles, as well as seamlessly contribute to everyday quality of life. From charging your electric car to reliable cell phone service and wi-fi connectivity to air quality, Smart poles 5g are the future for towns, cities, and regions.

Some of the many roles of smart cell poles in these transformed cities include:


There are a lot of vital responsibilities that smart poles have, including lighting the streets of our communities. The conversion to energy efficient LED has been taking place in metropolitan areas and cities across the nation for over a decade; it is gradually becoming the industry norm- and an integral component of the transformation to smart cities. In addition to the potential savings of millions of dollars in electricity and energy costs, this tech-smart lighting system has prevented tons of carbon dioxide from being disseminated into the environment.

Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are proving that they are more than a trend. The installation of electric vehicle chargers is the perfect pairing to smart cell poles. This encourages the use of alternative vehicles and transportation, further lessening the toll and carbon footprint that is being left behind.

Cell Service

Who doesn’t want better cell service? Recent times of crisis, such as the pandemic, have shed light on the sheer necessity of reliable and consistent cell phone connectivity. Smart cell poles are being utilized to provide and expand cell and data service in regions that may have overwhelmed carriers or a lack of access.


Public safety relies on surveillance. Streetlights with 5G capability could be the solution. This will ensure faster response time, visual information, and immediate intervention.

Traffic Control

If you live in an American city, you know the toll that traffic takes. In addition to pollution, traffic can use up a lot of manpower simply trying to monitor and guide motorists everyday. Smart technology opens-up new avenues to control traffic in these bustling cities, including inherent traffic sensors and cameras within smart cell poles and streetlights.

California and Nevada Smart Cell Poles at Your Fingertips

Smart cell technology is on the horizon for many municipalities. To learn more about LED lighting technology on the west coast, contact the experts at Great Basin Lighting.