Smart Cell Lighting is Changing Municipalities

It is an exciting time for smart cell in California and other places across the nation. This post looks at the innovations of smart cell lighting for smart cities as well as the benefits that may be realized.

Smart city friendly proposals have committed tens of millions of dollars to cities, allowing them to invest in technology like small cell poles.

Smart transportation networks and widespread broadband adoption are high priorities for cities and municipalities as we head into the future. Aside from being functional, smart cell poles can be installed in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s natural for city designers and planners to be concerned about a multitude of clunky towers and their attachments cluttering a city’s streets and skyline. However, small cell 5G poles are relatively unobtrusive, and they are often sleek in appearance.

The use of LEDs make smart cell poles especially attractive to cities: The Department of Energy points out that LEDs are more efficient and require less maintenance, two traits that can help a city’s bottom line. They are also relatively small, leaving room for poles to host other devices. All in all, by housing LEDs, 5G gear, and other devices, smart poles drastically cut down on the space needed for all of that infrastructure.

Greatly improved city planning, where features like smart street lights can fight traffic and sensors can assist in pollution and crime prevention. That will lead to safer, cleaner, and more convenient cities.

Learn More About Small Cell Poles and 5g Poles

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