Benefits of Small Cell 5G Poles

Smart cities are becoming more common across the world, but there’s still a long way to go before their benefits are fully realized. To get there, effective utilization of tools like small cell poles will be necessary—a worthwhile endeavor.

What Is a Smart City?

A variety of definitions abound for the term smart city. A simple one comes from Cisco, which describes a smart city as one that employs “digital technology to connect, protect, and enhance” its residents’ lives. That digital technology can take the form of cameras, sensors, and so on. Essentially, a smart city uses technology to become a more pleasant, safer, and more efficient place to live. Data is the lifeblood of a smart city.

Benefits of Smart Cell Tech

Smart cell 5G technology facilitates the collection of data. The advent of 5G (fifth-generation) cell technology has made data collection more efficient and effective than ever.

That data, in turn, is quite useful for making cities more efficient and utilitarian for its residents. For example, The Post and Courier’s Morrison Ellison has highlighted some examples of how data can boost city operations. In one city, for instance, traffic studies take place using Waze. In another, drivers can use an app to locate empty parking spaces and pay for them, reducing the time cars spend on the road—and thereby reducing congestion.

It’s not hard to see how that data collection could aid other areas. For example, smart cell technology in Nevada could help smooth traffic flow in cities, track pollution and air-quality levels.

Implementing the Smart City

Though 5G is quite powerful, 5G coverage doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. Like many technological advances, it requires infrastructure to provide support. Luckily, if properly deployed, the equipment needed to support 5G can be rolled out in a manner that does not affect a city’s aesthetics or the quality of life of residents. For example, new, hulking cell towers won’t be necessary: 5G equipment can be concealed in a variety of places, using small cell solutions. Examples of those solutions include “rooftop concealments” and integrating 5G technology into “existing streetlights,” according to American City and Country.

Learn More About Smart Cell 5g in California

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