Smart Cell Poles Are Changing Cities For The Better

With the wave of smart cell poles and technology comes the challenge of integrating it in communities and neighborhoods in an aesthetically discreet and pleasing way. Smart cell manufacturers are heeding the call for strategies to conceal and adorn these systems to accommodate the growing demand while adhering to basic aesthetic guidelines- without compromising the Smart poles 5g performance or delivery

Some ideas emerging from California small cell poles include these:

Customized Solutions

Since all communities and cell pole carriers are different, there can’t be a one-size-fits-all solution to the aesthetics of this technology. It requires customization while also honoring both the aesthetic requirements of the environment and the technological needs of the carrier. This makes for broad, general guidelines that may or may not suit current needs. With time and expansion, industry standards may assist in creating cell pole norms.

Camouflage and Concealment

You likely have encountered smart cell poles without even noticing! Radios are often housed on rooftops and on top of buildings, reducing the obstruction and sight of antennae in plain sight. Furthermore, side mounts are being implemented on poles for access and ease of maintenance, while also out of reach from passers-by.

Another solution is to replace the entire pole with smart cell poles, which allow for discreet housing of the technology inside the base of the new pole. This contributes to aesthetic integrity, too.

Connected and United Systems

Over time, the goal is to overlap and connect smart systems with one another. That is, creating smart cities with coordinative smart lighting, sensors, cameras, and other technology that contribute to public safety and convenience overall. Does your community have a smart cell pole initiative? Learn more by speaking with your distinct municipality about smart cell technology in your region.

Cities are Advancing with Small Cell 5g

Smart cell pole technology is creating a seamless and streamlined way to maintain connectivity and safety in many regions. Want to learn more about the aesthetics of smart cell pole technology and lighting solutions in your neck of the woods? Talk to the experts at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, on the many advantages of smart city lighting today. Contact us here anytime.

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