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Expanding Popularity in Green Outdoor Lighting for Municipalities and Roadways

With the high influx of people migrating to urban centers, public lighting has become a critical municipal service. Quality lighting improves the city residents’ safety by reducing the number of crimes. According to the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy, street lighting accounts for 25-50% of the energy consumed in cities.

Incandescent and high-pressure plasma (HPS) lamps that have been used in the past are not sustainable due to the incredible amount of energy they consume, not to mention the greenhouse gas emissions they release into the atmosphere. This explains why cities across the globe are shifting to sustainable lighting options. LED roadway lighting and municipal LED street lighting have become a common phenomenon in cities.

Why LED municipal lighting has become popular
LED lights are quite sustainable due to their high energy-efficiency. In fact, LED lighting products use about 80% less energy compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. This implies that 80% of the total energy these bulbs consume is converted into light rather than heat as is the case with incandescent bulbs. This helps cut down on a municipality’s lighting budget.

LED lights require minimal maintenance and are more durable
Unlike high-pressure sodium streetlights that have to be replaced every six years, LED lights have a lifespan of about 20 years. This means that municipalities incur lower labor and maintenance costs, thus increasing the cost benefits of their initial investment.

Integration with lighting controls
More cities are now installing smart LED lights that feature such functions as motion sensors and dimmers through cloud-based controls. This allows such lights to produce suitable lighting requirements depending on the existing needs.

LEDs are used in public spaces to improve aesthetics
In a bid to improve economic development by boosting tourism, cities such as New York City and Eindhoven have successfully used LEDs to illuminate public spaces such as city parks, waterfronts, walkways, and bicycle paths. Digital color tubes with smart color controllers are used to create gradient lighting effects and stunning color changes that are visually appealing.

The use of outdoor LED landscape lighting in such spaces makes them warm, fun, safe and welcoming. Municipalities also make use of LED lights to bring public spaces to life during special city events.

Decorative LED Street Lighting Solutions in California

The shift towards LED lighting is still in its early stages. Intense lobbying for this sustainable option needs to be carried out in order for it to gain traction across the globe. Municipalities in developing countries need to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing this sustainable option. Learn more about the advantages of LED lighting by contacting the professionals at Great basin Lighting! 

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