Why Municipalities are Making the Smart Choice with Smart Cells

Technology is changing cities and municipalities across the country, making it more cost and energy efficient to perform every-day tasks and activities. Smart technology is being used in unique applications, such as municipal LED street lighting or self-driving vehicles, driven by the fast-growing digital industry. Keep up with the times and consider ways that technology, more specifically, smart cell poles are making the future for cities widely a lot brighter.

Small Cells
Have you heard of small cells? These are low-powered radio nodes that connect to wider macro towers. Together they increase data capabilities and voice capacity in concentrated areas, like stadiums, college campuses, or local attractions, improving connectivity and potential uses.

Data Usage
Live video is on the rise and small cell capability plays a significant role in keeping up with the trend. Mobile video data is estimated to become the fastest growing way of sharing news related to traffic and is widely adapting to live video feeds to convey and disseminate this information. It makes sense to optimize connectivity through small cell coverage.

Tech Aesthetics
Technology isn’t always pretty, so attention is being paid to the overall aesthetics of Small cell installation. Smart poles are being implemented to hide the wiring, antennas, and other equipment, creating curb appeal and cohesion.

Potential Applications
The potential applications of the marriage between small cells and smart cities are endless, from decorative lighting poles to drones, and from traffic video to self-driving vehicles. Other applications include:

  • Efficient and remote lighting.
  • Live traffic or storm video feed for consumers in a specific region.
  • GPS or navigational type utility.
  • Parking and security surveillance.

The need to keep up with the rapidly changing and growing technology can cause many companies, businesses, and users to move too quickly, without careful planning and forethought. This can backfire and complicate things, particularly in municipal applications relied on by residents of a community.

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