Outdoor LED Street Lights and LED Roadway Lighting

The technological leap to LED lighting over incandescent and fluorescent lights has had a huge impact on the outdoor lighting market. According to a recent news article, the LED marketing scale is expected to rise and reach $56.6 billion by 2023. Continuous production of new products from major industry players has continued to attract global attention.

In this post, we discuss the trends we expect on future outdoor LED lighting projects.

There will be an increase in smart LED products
Smart LED lighting is the new and most transformative trend. This has been brought about by the saturation in the outdoor LED lighting market as competitors try to outdo each other. Over the next few years, we can only expect an increase in controllable outdoor lights that are networked with other devices and also connected to the internet.

An increase in high performance LED lights that are also aesthetically pleasing
In the recent past, the outdoor LED lighting market has hit new heights with the implementation of LED roadway lighting. Municipalities are implementing lighting solutions that are not only functional but are also aesthetically pleasing to pedestrians. Emphasis is being placed on quality lighting to create a feeling of security and safety especially when it comes to parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. We can only expect the spread of decorative LED street lighting over the next few years.

There’ll be a decrease in the price of LED products
During the onset of the LED technology, products were quite costly. Over the years, manufacturers have discovered cost-effective technologies which have helped lower the price of LED products. The price drop is expected to be as a result of such factors as:

  • Increase in the popularity of outdoor LED lights especially due to such benefits as eco-friendliness, durability, and energy-saving benefits
  • Entry of new players into the industry and aggressive promotion by existing manufacturers
  • Implementation of cost-cutting solutions in the design and development of outdoor LED lights’ components, drivers, and chips.

Outdoor LED Lighting Projects From GBL

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