Smart Cell Lighting is Changing Municipalities

City planners across the world are discovering that small cell poles deliver a number of cutting-edge benefits. As described in this white paper and other sources, these poles pack quite a technological punch. If you’d like to learn about several ways they can help your city, just keep reading.

5G: The New Standard
5G technology—the next evolution of network coverage—is particularly relevant to the topic of cell poles. As the cellular provider T-Mobile describes it, 5G infrastructure offers “stronger network reliability, faster downloads,” and better support for large numbers of connected devices. In time, it will become the coverage standard, replacing 4G coverage. Smart cell poles are a large part of the 5G conversation because they are a vital tool in delivering new coverage.

Ease of 5G Integration
Generally speaking, many cities do not have much room for the installation of large, new towers. Small, sleek cell poles can get around this problem. One reason is that their relatively small footprint makes it easy to place them in optimal locations for 5G transmission. Additionally, these poles can perform so many functions that saying they serve double duty would be an understatement. For instance, depending on a city’s needs, a single small cell pole can serve as an LED streetlight, atmospheric monitoring device, 5G transmitter, and more.

The use of LEDs make smart cell poles especially attractive to cities: The Department of Energy points out that LEDs are more efficient and require less maintenance, two traits that can help a city’s bottom line. They are also relatively small, leaving room for poles to host other devices. All in all, by housing LEDs, 5G gear, and other devices, smart poles drastically cut down on the space needed for all of that infrastructure.

Aesthetic Considerations
Aside from being functional, smart cell poles can be installed in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s natural for city designers and planners to be concerned about a multitude of clunky towers and their attachments cluttering a city’s streets and skyline. However, small cell 5G poles are relatively unobtrusive, and they are often sleek in appearance. In fact, materials have been developed that can conceal 5G radios with virtually no impact on the device’s performance capabilities—which are capabilities that can help any city.

Learn More About Small Cell Poles and 5g Poles

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