Why Make The Switch to Smart Cell Poles?

Researchers are studying the many benefits of LED lighting solutions, including high-tech smart poles, to find out how these municipal upgrades help improve the lives of residents. Interestingly, smart street lighting and smart cell poles are being lauded for more advantages than mere dollars and cents. In fact, Smart LED street lighting is emerging as a cost-efficient and sustainable option that enhances the overall well-being of citizens.  

Is there a correlation between consumer and citizen well-being and Smart cell poles?

Municipal LED street lighting

Smart poles and smart street lighting systems are being implemented by most municipalities for LED roadway lighting as well as outdoor LED landscape lighting, due in part to the ease and convenience of use. These high-tech solutions offer sensors and controls that make it effortless to alter, change, or operate smart lighting fixtures and features. The benefit to the average consumer is better lighting when out and about, which can effectively reduce crime rates in some regions. No more burned-out streetlamps!

LED roadway lighting

As for the roads and highways, Smart LED street lighting is creating a better overall ambient illumination that could improve visibility for motorists. These LED fixtures reduce carbon-dioxide emissions through decreased energy costs, making them far more sustainable. Furthermore, roadway lighting poles and fixtures are now able to monitor and communicate with specific areas, which could be helpful in times of emergency response or community crisis.

Outdoor LED landscape lighting

When cities and municipalities turn to smart LED street lighting systems, they curb the cost of illuminating these public areas by being able to program lights to turn off during non-peak times. This reduces the overall expense of lighting these areas, which could result in lower tax bills for some residents over time. Residents who implement these lighting solutions in their own homes will also notice decreases in utility costs.

LED Outdoor Lighting Applications

Other nations are following suit in terms of making the switch to LED. The market is booming and researchers estimate significant growth in the industry in the next five years. The security and efficiency of these systems make them a must for a healthier, safer future. 

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