Benefits of Small Cell 5G Poles

Smart street lighting technology and smart cell poles are helping cities to go green and be more cost-efficient. For instance, smart cell California technology is utilizing poles that pair state-of-the-art lighting systems with wireless communications, creating a simpler and streamlined approach for communities widely.
Here are some ways that smart cell poles are helping towns and cities, widely, go green:

Energy Savings
The first thing that smart cell poles do is contribute to energy savings, which is a very green thing to do. They include LED lighting, which is touted for saving up to 50% in energy costs over traditional lighting. This helps free up resources in communities for other budgetary expenditures, like moving toward other eco-friendly practices.

Improved Lighting
Green outdoor lighting is vastly improved when you opt for LED and smart street lighting systems. First, this option provides better lighting, crisp and clear; second, this type of lighting requires less maintenance which equates to less cost. Think also of how improved lighting can contribute to a decrease in crime.

Smart Cell 5g
Smart cell 5g is a revolutionary tool for any community- beyond simple lighting solutions. This technology provides the foundation for wireless communications, from parking management to transportation- to deliver services and benefits to everyone residing or doing business here.

Remote Control Capabilities
When you think of technology, think about how remote-controlled light management could be useful in your town, city, or region. Being able to operate and manage lighting for an entire region from screen or smart phone could save money, manpower, and resources. However, the benefits don’t stop there; this doesn’t just allow for touch-control of lighting across an area, but it also provides a window to other efficient practices, as well. For instance, light levels can be modified, scheduled, or changed to conserve resources- money saved that could be put back in the budget to transform other municipal applications and amenities.

Learn More About Smart Cell 5g in California

The future in smart poles looks bright for cities, towns, and municipalities across the globe. For outdoor LED lighting on the west coast, contact the experts at Great Basin Lighting. Learn more about smart city lighting and applications that impact your life today.