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Discover The Efficiency of Smart Municipal LED Lighting

You likely know the advantages of LED lighting for municipalities and outdoor applications, but did you know that communities are turning to municipal LED street lighting for sustainability reasons? There are some impressive benefits that LED illumination brings citizens and residents across the globe that improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint left behind. Since energy usage is anticipated to rise around 35% by the year 2030, smart lighting may well be an opportunity to curb costs and cut down the need for energy, creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.  

Here’s why smart streetlights support sustainability and simply make sense:


LEDs use less energy, which makes them more sustainable than other lighting options. Communities have shown that when they upgrade to LED, the cost of operating their street lights drops by over half. Over time, smart lighting has shown that it is a great step in transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Ease of Use

Remotes and other functionality make outdoor LED lighting projects easy to implement and operate. By being able to control things like timers and dimmers with a switch delivers savings on energy costs incurred by municipalities. More extensive options, like color features and emergency system networking, are also on the horizon.


Smart lighting applications makes it viable and easier to coordinate and sync with other platforms, like wifi, video streams, air monitors, traffic control, and other community amenities. With cellular networks and smart cell poles already implemented for smart lighting systems, it is quick and less costly to begin initiating additional features.


The many perks of smart lighting help to sustain it; the savings incurred by making the switch to LED more than pays for the initial set up costs. LED has become a go-to lighting solution globally for its reduction in emissions, security, and future potential. Furthermore, the quality of LED and smart lighting systems has shown decreases in crime in municipalities adopting these changes.

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The future of LED looks very bright, and sustainable! Want to learn more about smart lighting applications for your business or residence? Contact the industry experts at Great Basin Lighting, a West Coast outdoor LED lighting company, about the advantages of LED lighting for municipalities, communities, and residences.

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