Outdoor and Smart Cell Lighting is Evolving

Smart lighting and cellphone tower poles (“smart poles”) will form the backbone of interconnected cities in the future. LED outdoor lighting fixtures—which can be integrated with smart technology—are vital to these systems, which will improve city services, safety, air quality, traffic issues, and even revenue streams.

Improvement of City Services
Street lighting can be a starting point for new digital interconnections, which can improve city services. That’s because LED-equipped light poles can be used to deliver advanced wireless coverage, including 5G and Wi-Fi, throughout a city. Infrastructure features like smart cell 5G poles allow for networks to spread with minimal disruption.

Safety Improvement
The connectivity afforded by advanced city infrastructure will help with incident detection, improving public safety. Microphones placed inside LED outdoor lighting poles detect signs of danger and distress, including gunshots, glass breaking, and shouts for aid. In those circumstances, an advanced smart pole will be able to brighten itself, alert emergency respondents, and document audio data.

Boosting Air Quality
Sensors mounted within smart cell poles will offer a huge helping hand in reducing air pollution. By collecting measurements on fine particulate matter concentration, temperature, and humidity as well as other data, smart poles can inform both residents and city planners on air quality. For example, if residents are warned by a pole that the air quality is particularly poor on a given day, they can take steps to reduce their vulnerability to it. Meanwhile, city planners can make more informed decisions on anti-pollution measures.

Traffic Improvements
The technology mounted in municipal LED street lighting poles can also aid with traffic flow, public transit, and other transportation options that are interconnected and coordinated to reduce congestion through smart city networks.

Revenue Streams
Finally, smart poles may be able to improve a city’s finances by boosting critical revenue streams: advertising and development. It will likely be possible for city planners to monetize the data from smart poles; for example, they can point to areas that receive lots of foot traffic as fertile grounds for advertising campaigns as well as commercial development.

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