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Municipal LED Lighting is the Best Solution

There is a lot of excitement brewing regarding new technology that promises to make LED municipal applications, like streetlights, much more efficient and cost-saving than ever before. The key to this phenomena is recent Red Phosphor research that shows how to improve and increase the impact of LED outdoor lighting, such as LED roadway lighting and streetlights, which can potentially save towns, counties, and municipalities countless dollars.

Wondering why now is the time for LED retrofits? Consider the latest LED technology:

Recent LED Revelations
An engineering team in Innsbruck, Austria, recently studied how to make LED lighting more efficient, and subsequently, cost-effective in municipal applications. What they discovered was a new high-performing red phosphor that increases light emissions in an unexpected way. The result in a longer-lasting, brighter illumination.

A New Phosphor
In layman’s terms, this new phosphor dubbed ‘SALON’ successfully and slightly shifts light emissions toward a blue hue from a more- red light. IT has good thermal stability and combines spectral positions for better spectral width. What this does is increase the energy efficiency of the white-emitting phosphorous converted LEDs; confused? Don’t be; what this boils down to is greater efficiency and reduced cost of utility over time- the perfect lighting solutions for municipal uses, like streetlights, parking lots, and roadway lights.

The Future of LED
Imagine now the impact and potential of Decorative LED street lighting using this new phosphor- the options could be limitless! Now is a great time to find out more about saving money with LED retrofits and changing-over your lighting fixtures and features to higher-tech LED lighting solutions.

Whether you know what phosphors are or not, you can appreciate how switching to LED can cut down on anyone’s bottom line, from a city’s public works budget to the homeowner trying to save money on their light bulbs and utility costs.

Experts In Decorative LED Street Lighting

Ready to learn more about retrofitting to LED outdoor lighting solutions? Contact the lighting professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, on LED outdoor lighting, street lighting, and community applications. It is an exciting time to turn to LED technology, and we look forward to helping you learn more!

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