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3 Reasons LED Lighting Is the Best Choice for Parking Structures

Municipal LED Street Lighting That Work Better As far as parking lot illumination is concerned, you have to implement a system that accommodates vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The lighting must also withstand harsh environments and take into account public safety. Unlike the usual LED roadway lighting, LED parking lights are normally mounted on ceilings, soffits … continue reading » “3 Reasons LED Lighting Is the Best Choice for Parking Structures”

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5 Game Changing Municipal LED Renovation Trends

Outdoor LED lighting projects are expanding with new LED technology. Municipalities across the country are seeing these 5 benefits from LEDs.

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Retrofitting Existing HID Lamps to LED

Municipal LED street lighting can have an original look and rustic appeal with new LED tech for decorative street lighting.

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6 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

LED lighting is a popular choice for municipal lighting projects and outdoor lighting design.

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What Your Municipality Should Know About Led Streetlights

Here are 11 things your municipality should know about LED outdoor lighting projects and street lighting retrofits.

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