Municipal LED Lighting is the Best Solution

In some instances, upgrading to LED technology may not include updating fixtures. Some businesses, towns, and municipalities may want to retain the look and aesthetics of their current HID lamps, but with the benefits and conveniences of LED technology. Whether you are contemplating LED roadway lighting for a city or outdoor LED lighting for your neighborhood, retrofit lighting could be the solution. LED retrofits can help maintain the look and style of your historical or one-of-a-kind fixtures, but with all the perks of modern LED.

Retrofitting existing HID Lamps to LED technology makes sense in most instances. Here are some of our best tips for retrofits:

Seek the right manufacturing representative. Before making the decision about retrofitting, make sure to find and work with a group that shares and understands your vision. Choose an organization that doesn’t attempt to throw things together, but rather that understands the role of the driver, surge protector, and your LED system in order to make the switch seamless.

Think about heat. HID and LED lighting handle heat differently. Choose HID in hot environments, LED in cooler climates for optimal utility.

Consider precautions. Don’t rush and try to take shortcuts with screw-type retrofit LED lights. Consider all precautions to avoid problems when working with HID and LED fixtures, two very different sources.

Maintain light center length. When discussing LED retrofitting with your vetted organization, ask about maintaining the light center length of your original fixture; this ensures the best output and illumination.

Drivers are different. A ballast supplies current to your older light sources, however LED lights run on current provided by a driver. This driver makes your LED vulnerable to surges, weather, and other output on the same line, so plan accordingly and use surge protection and suppression.

Don’t retrofit in haste; think about specific precautions to keep things satisfactory and safe. Due to the differences in technology, think carefully when retrofitting HID to LED lighting.

Experts In Decorative LED Street Lighting

Want to learn more about retrofitting your HID lighting to LED? Talk to the professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a California outdoor LED lighting company, on retrofitting with outdoor LED lighting. From converting your home’s outdoor lighting system to mapping-out municipal LED street lighting, they can guide you through the process to successful and safe retrofitting to high-tech LED lighting systems.

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