Municipal LED Street Lighting That Work Better

As far as parking lot illumination is concerned, you have to implement a system that accommodates vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The lighting must also withstand harsh environments and take into account public safety. Unlike the usual LED roadway lighting, LED parking lights are normally mounted on ceilings, soffits or hung by their pendants. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. In this, we discuss three reasons why LED lighting is the perfect choice for parking spaces.

1. LEDs provide better light quality compared to conventional lighting options
Proper light distribution is critical in parking spaces as other areas such as the stairwells, ramps, and entryways must be illuminated. Compared to CFL lights, LEDs have better color rendering capabilities. They also distribute through a multipoint design which results in evenly distributed light, thus reducing excessive shadows. This is helpful to pedestrians and motorists navigating the parking space. Security cameras will also have clearer images, which proves handy in the event of a crime or an accident.

2. They are low maintenance
Lighting system maintenance is a key consideration when it comes to new or retrofit installations. Certainly, all light fittings will reduce their light output due to such factors as dirt and general wear and tear of components. Although LED lights have a long service life, they still need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of dust and debris which could cause shortages. The working and storing temperatures should be moderate. You only need to carry out occasional inspections of your LED lighting to ensure the bulbs are working perfectly.

3. Lower energy costs
LEDs consume 40% less energy compared to fluorescents and 75-80% less power compared to incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light. LEDs can also be controlled by motion sensors or dimmers to reduce further the energy they consume. Also, LEDs have an average of 60,000 life hours while conventional incandescent bulbs have an average of 1,500 hours. This results in an overall saving of more than 60%.

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