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5 Smart Trends to Watch in Commercial LED Lighting

Green Outdoor Lighting and Indoor Lighting Future Advancements


LED technology continues to transform all aspects of commercial lighting. Here are five trends to expect in the future. Continue reading

LED Outdoor Lighting: Reliability Key in ROI

Green Outdoor Lighting Has to be Dependable


Cities, towns and organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond in California are struggling to ensure the profitability and sustainability of their infrastructure projects. Especially in light of the Golden State’s horrendous ongoing drought, you want to save money and minimize inefficiencies wherever possible.

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How Housing Developments Benefit From Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting Projects Pay Off Long and Short Term

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Project Cupertino California

Our Installation at Memorial Park in Cupertino, CA

Whether you’re a Bay Area real estate developer or the president of a home owners association (HOA), you’re researching outdoor LED landscape lighting to explore whether switching over can:

  • Boost curb appeal for your property
  • Improve neighborhood safety for residents
  • Conserve electricity and save money

Fortunately, research validates that switching over to LED can actually achieve all three of these objectives. Continue reading

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting to Save and Impress

Long Term Benefits of Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting and Street Lighting


Lincoln, California Outdoor LED Lighting Project ©2015 Great Basin Lighting

Whether you’re a property manager searching for ways to improve your campus or a Bay Area municipal officer hope to control utility costs, you’re considering investing in landscape lighting. You want to choose an option that is both aesthetically appealing and affordable. One intelligent way to impress your residents and potential commercial tenants and ensure low energy bills is with outdoor LED landscape lighting solutions. Continue reading

How to Get the Most Out of an LED Lighting Replacement Project

LED Outdoor Lighting Experts Shares Its Proficiency

Outdoor Lighting DesignUpgrading to LED lighting is a smart business move, given that the energy savings pay for the installation in a short time. Following are suggestions to maximize the benefits you receive from this project.
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Changing the Golf Game: Why Golf Courses Need LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting for Golf Courses

outdoor lighting designNight lighting at a golf course serves several purposes. First, it can open up the beauty of the landscaping to golfers, as well as to people who drive past your premises. Night lighting also allows golf-related businesses to stay open later, and it offers time-strapped golfers more accommodating hours, which can in turn inspire them to play 18 holes, in spite of their busy schedules. Continue reading

DOE Publishes 2014 LED and OLED Manufacturing Roadmap

LED Lighting Research & Development Updates from the Department of Energy


In August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published its 2014 Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Roadmap. This report addressed developments and issues in the production of LED and OLED lighting, such as: Continue reading

Advantages of LED Parking Lot Lighting

Why All Parking Lots Should Have LED Lighting

green outdoor lighting California

Image via Flickr

If you’re exploring an LED street lighting solution for your business or searching for LED outdoor lighting to assist with your city’s planning, you’ve likely been having the “what do we do about the parking lot?” conversation a lot recently. Continue reading