Benefits of Municipal LED Lighting

Traditional college lighting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Bulbs have to be changed regularly, hot lamps can become fire hazards, and the cost of lighting an entire college campus makes tuition look like pocket change! LED lighting has presented a unique solution to all of these issues, and plenty of others as well.

Campuses house and educate thousands of students at a time. With communal living and studying habits, lighting is an important part of a student’s life. Providing this safely and efficiently is essential to educational success. This is where LED lights come in.

Improving Late Night Study Sessions

LED lights are easier to manipulate than their bulkier predecessors. This means that they can be placed discreetly in halls, classrooms, and dorm rooms without infringing on much needed space. They’re also highly adjustable and the light output can be directed and controlled in an extremely precise way.

New technology allows LEDs to be remotely controlled, creating an additional level of convenience for any college campus. We all know that late night study sessions are a very real thing, and this can pose a fire hazard when traditional light bulbs are used for too long. They can heat up quickly and the close proximity of dorm rooms makes this all the more dangerous.

Campus safety is another serious concern. Using outdoor LED landscape lighting for footpaths and areas surrounding buildings can reduce this risk. They’re small enough to place anywhere without damaging the outdoor lighting design, and bright enough to aid in security.

A Smart Move on a College Budget

Most colleges have reached a heightened state of environmental awareness. LED lighting uses less power for better results, which translates into a lower demand for non-sustainable energy. Less power also means that the college will be paying a lot less for utilities. LED systems may be more expensive to install, but the amount saved on electricity quickly makes up the difference.

LED lights require very little upkeep—also saving the campus money on maintenance. It makes sense for places of higher learning to embrace a smart, efficient, and environmentally friendly option when it comes to their basic needs.

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