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What to Consider When Retrofitting Existing HID Lamps to LED Technology

Go Green with Outdoor LED Lighting Owing to the longevity, efficiency, and lighting power of LED technology, many people are interested in what goes into an LED lighting retrofit. In particular, LED lighting is surging in popularity when it comes to outdoor applications. For instance, many cities are investigating LED lighting as an outdoor solution … continue reading » “What to Consider When Retrofitting Existing HID Lamps to LED Technology”


How and Why Maintaining Your Light Poles is Better For Business

The effects of corrosion, vibration, winds, and the outdoor environment will undermine the structural integrity of your light poles over time.

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Why is Outdoor LED Municipal Lighting So Popular?

Outdoor LED lighting projects and decorative street lighting are a big part of municipal lighting in California and Nevada. Here’s why.

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5 Game Changing Municipal LED Renovation Trends

Outdoor LED lighting projects are expanding with new LED technology. Municipalities across the country are seeing these 5 benefits from LEDs.

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LED vs Incandescent vs CFL: Why You Should Switch

Businesses, municipalities and homeowners are investing in LED lighting for their energy benefits. Take a look at the advantages over other lighting sources.

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