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Reasons to Choose Valmont Street and Area Lighting for a Municipal LED Retrofit

Here are some of the benefits that set Valmont Industries’s decorative outdoor lighting products apart from the competition.

Valmont Structures Decorative Lighting Poles on San Francisco Bay Area Bridges

Recent work on the Golden Gate Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridge showcases Valmont’s extraordinary outdoor lighting design capabilities and high-level experience.

Enlightenment in Denmark: A Vast Outdoor Lighting Showground

Reduced energy costs are setting the stage for LED lighting upgrades in municipalities worldwide. So how do city planners comparison shop for LEDs?

Decorative Lamp Posts for Commercial Lighting

Here are some battle-tested, cost-efficient, and aesthetically desirable Decorative LED Street Lighting ideas for your municipality or business.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Community

Consider upgrading to an LED streetlight solution. LEDs are simple to operate and cost-effective.

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