Municipal LED Lighting is The Green Solution

Those of us living and administrating in small cities understand the pain that comes with budgeting. Every light, decoration, and utility needs to be considered. This is why LED lights have become such an important commodity to communities all over the U.S.

The use of LED street lighting and decorative lighting poles has the ability to make close quarters illumination brighter, more cost-effective, and more attractive. This means lower bills for the residents, and a better aesthetic appeal for everyone. Several small towns have already made the switch, and they’ve reported positive results.

Learning From Towns Using LED Roadway Lighting and More
While many people understand the advantages of switching to LED municipal street lighting solutions, few understand just how close to home the concept has come. Cities like Indianapolis and Valparaiso, IN have made the switch—with fantastic results!

Valparaiso has switched out roughly 1,300 of their original streetlights with their new and much improved LED counterparts. This has saved the city roughly $80,000/year and counting. Some of the other cities that have made the decision to adopt a safer and more efficient method of lighting include:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • St, Louis, MO
  • Richmond, VA
  • Orlando, FL
  • Hartford, CT
  • Milwaukee, WI

The larger a city is, the more financial benefit it will reap from making the change to LED lighting sources. LED bulbs are 70-90 percent more efficient than traditional light bulbs, meaning that the savings can easily reach millions within the first few lifecycles of the bulbs. North Carolina is expected to reach $56 million in savings within the next fifteen years, and that’s no small feat! LED lighting is also safer, more reliable, and enables better visibility than the streetlamps that many of us are used to.

Experts in Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Every city can experience similar benefits when they make the switch to LED Roadway Lighting. It’s simply a matter of finding the right company to make the necessary adjustments. Great Basin Lighting can help. We have years of expertise helping commercial, residential, and municipal customers save money and see their communities in a whole new light. Contact us here!

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