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How and Why Maintaining Your Light Poles is Better For Business

The effects of corrosion, vibration, winds, and the outdoor environment will undermine the structural integrity of your light poles over time.

Smart Cell Poles Make Cities and Futures Bright

LED roadway lighting in California is getting an upgrade. Here’s how street lighting poles around your city are turning into Smart Cell technology.

California Nevada LED lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting Market Expectations for the Future

Decorative lighting poles and LED site lighting is growing at an exceptional rate. Here is where we see the market in a few years.

California LED

6 Things You Should Know About Street Light Poles

LED lighting is a popular choice for municipal lighting projects and outdoor lighting design.

How Much Money Can Your City Save by Switching to LED Streetlights?

Switching to LED street lighting can make municipalities greener and more energy efficient. See how LED lighting poles and street lighting can improve your city.

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