Valmont LED Roadway Lighting Illuminates Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge


Valmont’s engineers recently installed lighting structures on two San Francisco Bay Area bridges: the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Both of these projects showcase their extraordinary outdoor lighting design capabilities.

Golden Gate Bridge

Designing the street lights for the Golden Gate Bridge was unlike most of the outdoor LED lighting projects Valmont had tackled in the past, according to reports. To ensure that the lighting matched the bridge’s structure and style, engineers designed 30 galvanized curved poles with custom paint. The poles also included removable eyebolts so that they could be lowered easily.

Oakland Bay Bridge

The Oakland Bay Bridge project required more than 250 decorative lighting poles designed to withstand the elements and add to the bridge’s visual appeal. To meet the needs of the client, Valmont designed pentagon-shaped poles with galvanized coating. Each of the poles is up to 67 inches tall and can accommodate up to seven lighting fixtures. The structure of these poles will allow them to stand up to earthquakes, extreme wind and humidity.

Outdoor Lighting Design for Your Municipal Project

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