Outdoor and Smart Cell Lighting is Evolving

LED lighting systems and small cell poles can futurize cities. They are rushing to replace their legacy street lights with updated, multifunctional smart fixtures. These will benefit municipalities along with making 5G coverage a reality for more areas.

Economic Benefits

Along with saving cities money on maintenance and energy costs, LED upgrades can offer less obvious but still helpful economic advantages. Poles may double as billboards that can host ad space. Another opportunity is collecting fees from cellular providers for the right to mount their equipment on a city’s LED-based infrastructure.

Environmental Benefits

Reduced energy expenditures is one direct way that LED lighting can benefit the environment, but there are other ways it can help cities deal with environmental problems. California smart cell light poles could hold sensors that track air quality. Data is important in both responding to emergencies and in formulating long-term plans to improve these factors.

Why 5G Coverage Matters

Another key advantage of updated lighting poles is that they can host devices to spread 5G coverage. Because smart cell 5G technology isn’t everywhere yet, it’s common for people to wonder why such coverage matters:

-5G is faster than older network styles, such as 4G.

-5G will have more bandwidth, translating to a higher capacity for connected devices.

-5G will make communications with cloud platforms faster and easier.

All of these can directly benefit a city. Businesses may be more interested in locations with faster 5G coverage. The ability to handle more connected devices can translate to better operations of self-driving cars, and it can improve emergency responses during critical situations. Additionally, given that remote work likely isn’t going anywhere, smooth connections to cloud platforms will be key for any city that wants to attract new companies.

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