Expanding Popularity in Green Outdoor Lighting for Municipalities and Roadways

Smart cities will be the urban environment of the future. That will come with great benefits: According to the World Economic Forum, smart cities will be more livable, economically strong, and inclusive. The process of getting there won’t be an overnight one, but it is a doable. There is an argument to be made that smart street lighting should undergird any municipality’s transformation into a smart city. Those can double as small cell 5G poles to boost cellular coverage, plus host devices that serve other functions as well.

The Core Function: Better Lighting

When a city updates its lighting infrastructure to take advantage of smart LED and cell poles, it will realize a number of benefits. Traffic control is one: Lights could brighten or dim themselves to respond to traffic patterns and pedestrian movement. Better lighting could also be used to dissuade criminals in high-crime areas.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

There are also economic boosts to be realized when a city prioritizes upgrading its lighting to utilize smart LED poles. For example, because these poles can monitor their own maintenance needs if desired by city planners, work crews do not need to go out and check on them. Instead, the poles can send alerts to notify city workers when they are in need of maintenance. That cuts down on wasted hours and allows maintenance crews to focus on other projects. Outdoor LED landscape lighting can make an area more attractive for tourists and business owners alike.

Plus, the energy savings offered by LED lighting are substantial. The United States could save $6 billion each year just by moving to LED systems for outdoor lighting. This offers a huge benefit for the environment as well. Switching to LED lighting would remove the equivalent of 8.5 million cars from the road annually.

Contact Great Basin lighting for Connected LED Smart Cell Lighting Poles

All of the aforementioned benefits are extremely relevant to American cities. For instance California smart cell and light poles could be a huge help with traffic issues. As cities move forward toward smart infrastructure, smart cell and light poles should be the first stepping stone. If you’re interested in one of these projects in California or Nevada, contact Great Basin Lighting today.