Benefits of Small Cell 5G Poles

As the move from 4G to 5G takes shape, there is a need for significant planning, updating infrastructure, and coordination throughout the cities. Wireless network operators have risen to this realization and will need to utilize your neighborhood street lighting fixture for their small cell 5G transmitters.

A small cell installation includes antennas and small radio equipment about the size of a backpack. Small cells require high-density placement because they can transmit data in the mid and high-band spectrum, which can’t travel as far.

Concealment Options
Municipalities see a lot of revenue opportunities and growth from the emerging 5G technology. However, they also face another challenge of keeping up with the technical requirements involved.

Lighting companies such as GBL have devised ways to incorporate small cell poles on street lights. The concealment designs can easily incorporate poles that are wider at the top, middle, or bottom, depending on the municipal planners’ preference.

Top pole positions can limit the loss between a top-mounted antenna and a bottom-mounted radio while also leaving enough foot traffic space. Others may prefer middle or bottom pole positions to minimize maintenance costs. Outdoor signs are ideal in concealing a small cell while advertising a particular product or service. This way, operators can continue rolling out the 5G technology since it won’t ruin city aesthetics.

Economic Development
If cities correctly implement 5G, economic development will be one of the most significant benefits. Communities will have an opportunity for more innovations and development opportunities.

Speed Up Driverless Cars Evolution
The high speed, bandwidth, and low latency can report on the traffic flow in real-time. It can also facilitate the interconnection of sensors to connect data from devices, citizens, and assets. It will also manage and monitor waste management, water supply, crime detection, and school safety.

Low Maintenance Costs
A random storm is a threat to internet connectivity in a given area. It can easily affect the wiring connection and poles that carry the cables. With 5G, the wiring will have minimal chances of damages, and in case of maintenance, it won’t cost that much.

Learn More About Smart Cell 5g in California

Small cell sites will primarily depend on street lighting, especially in dense areas. As consumers, government, and businesses wait to enjoy its benefits, municipalities have to work closely with companies like Great Basin Lighting for the installations. Contact GBL Inc today for more details.