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LED Lighting is The Green Solution

During the holidays we enjoy the bright lights, beautiful décor, and spirit of the season. Unfortunately, these things also come with higher energy bills and a negative impact on the environment. With so many communities switching to decorative LED street lighting, it makes sense to adopt energy saving habits in our homes as well. These energy saving tips can help you enjoy this time of year without giving up your favorite seasonal sights.

Switch to Energy Efficient Bulbs
Consider switching to LED lights, and turning your holiday display into an outdoor LED lighting project. Not only are LED bulbs more efficient, they’re also easier to direct and don’t put out as much heat as traditional lighting.

Put Your Decorations on a Timer
It can be tempting to let your lights run 24/7 during the holiday season. They brighten up your home and your neighborhood. However, this isn’t exactly energy efficient. Installing an automatic timer can keep your decorations lit when they’re being enjoyed, and off when there’s no one to appreciate them.

Consider Updating Your Décor
Traditional lights are always beautiful, but fiber optic decorations can be just as stunning with a fraction of the electricity. Fiber optics use one light source to illuminate a larger area by separating it into many different points of light. This reduces energy use exponentially without dampening your holiday spirit.

Give Your Oven a Break
Your oven can burn through energy faster than it can cook your holiday dinner. When you don’t need a slow and consistent heat source, consider using your microwave.

Cook Smarter, Not Harder
Planning your holiday meals ahead of time can help you to maximize your oven space and get more done in a shorter period of time. Adjust your oven racks to accommodate more dishes, and combine as many foods as possible into one cook time.

Resist Opening the Oven
Every time that you open the oven, you disrupt the temperature and cause it to work just a little harder. Keeping it closed saves energy and cooking time.

Adjust Your Thermostat
On days when you plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen with the oven on, turn your thermostat down by a degree or two. Then, leave your oven open slightly when you’re finished to disburse that heat throughout the house.

Time Your Cooking
If a dish needs more than an hour to cook, it won’t benefit from pre-heating the oven. Wait to turn it on. It’s also a good idea to turn the oven off 10-15 minutes before its time to take something out. The heat loss will be too gradual to disrupt the cooking process.

Stop Heat from Going Up in Smoke
Using your fireplace can be a great way to save energy. But when it’s time to put out the flames, make sure that you open a window nearby and the dampers in the fireplace to prevent heat loss through the chimney.

Sunshine is Free
LED lighting in California may be the most energy efficient electrical option, but sunlight is free. Open your drapes and let in as much sunlight as possible to replace artificial lighting and to warm the area up naturally.

Experts in Outdoor Lighting Solutions

LED lights require less power and maintenance, which means more savings. Beyond illuminating our streets, LEDs lighten our environmental impact, making it the ideal solution for municipalities and outdoor lighting projects. Contact the experts at Great Basin Lighting to get started.

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