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How LED Lighting is Changing Cities around the World

Benefits of Municipal LED Lighting

LED lighting is making a major impact on the cities of the world, whether it’s LED lighting in Nevada, or LED lighting in California, or even Tokyo, Japan. One big way that LED lighting is being highlighted in major cities is through architecture, with building designers making liberal use of LED lighting to feature their brand new buildings and bring them solidly into the 21st century.

In Los Angeles, California, the new tallest building in the state, the Wilshire Grand, had a lavish grand opening ceremony, which featured its 2,520 sq. ft. LED lighting display. The tallest building in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, is home to a 33,000 sq. ft. LED screen, which is routinely used to dazzle spectators with colorful displays, and to attract customers.

LED Streetlights
Over the past few years, many American cities have been replacing their sodium vapor and fluorescent street lights with LED street lighting. A project initiated by the city of Las Vegas in 2013 is paying big dividends in the area of street light replacements. Beginning in that year, the city replaced more than 40,000 street lights with LED lamps, and at a cost of $18 million, the city expected to save $2 million per year in illumination costs, which would mean the project paid for itself within nine years.

In Los Angeles, city street lights were switched over to LED lighting, and the city had such an excess of power in utility plants that it could create 100 new car-charging stations for electric cars. In New York City, LED street lights were received well, because they reduced glare and excess light pollution for citizens of the city.

LED advertising
For nearly the past 10 years, one of the biggest LED screens in the world has been situated at Harmon’s Retail Corner in Las Vegas, Nevada., and the screen is generally used to promote events and shows which are upcoming in the city. It has been very effective at notifying tourists as well as city residents about upcoming events, and it seems likely that other large LED screens positioned in major cities around the world will follow suit, and take advantage of the possibilities with LED advertising. The Wilshire Grand Center in Los Angeles, as well as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai will be excellent venues for advertising through massive LED screens that can reach thousands if not millions of people.

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