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Brentwood, CA

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting - Brentwood, California

Chico, CA

LED Roadway Lighting Project in Chico, California

Lincoln, CA

Outdoor Lighting Design for Lincoln, California
Lincoln Photo 3

Woodland, CA

Outdoor Lighting Design for Woodland, California
Woodland Project A: Photo 2

Rocklin, CA

Green Outdoor Lighting for William Jessup University

Alameda, CA

Decorative LED Site Lighting and Municipal Street Lighting Projects in Alameda, California
Alameda Traffic Poles and Roadway Lighting

Cupertino, CA

LED Outdoor Lighting for Cupertino, California

Scotts Valley, CA

Outdoor LED Lighting for Scotts Valley, California

Gilroy, CA

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting for Gilroy, California

Diablo Grande, CA

Decorative LED Street Lighting for Diablo Grande, California
Diablo Grande 3

Danville, CA

LED Lighted Bollards for Danville, California
Danville Bollard Photo 2

Livermore, CA

Caltrans Approved Lighting Poles in Livermore, California
Livermore, CA

Sparks, NV

Green Outdoor Lighting for Sparks, Nevada
Sparks, NV - Photo 2

Reno, NV

Outdoor Lighting Design for Reno, Nevada
Reno, NV

Roseville, CA

Decorative Outdoor Lighting for Roseville, California
Roseville Photo 2

Mountain House, CA

Outdoor LED Lighting Project for Mountain House, California
Mountain House3.jpg

Pittsburg, CA

Decorative Fluted Lighting and Traffic Poles for Pittsburg, California
Pittsburg Project A: Photo 4

Marysville, CA

Decorative Lighting Design for Marysville, California
Marysville Photo 2

Yuba City, CA

Green Outdoor Lighting for Yuba City, California
Yuba City Photo 3

Auburn, CA

Outdoor Lighting Design for Auburn, California
Upclose View

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Municipal LED Street Lighting for South Lake Tahoe, California
South Lake Tahoe, CA 3

Murphys, CA

Outdoor Lighting Design for Murphys, California
Murpys, CA Photo 2

Minden, NV

Decorative Lighting Poles for Minden, Nevada
Minden, NV Photo 2

Solar LED lighting

Solar powered LED lighting fixtures save money and energy.
solar parking lot.jpg

Golden Gate Bridge

Valmont Product Spotlight: LED Light Poles for Historic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge 1.jpg

Rancho Cordova, CA

New custom pedestrian sun shade installed in the City of Rancho Cordova, California. After contacting Valmont Industries they presented 3 different ideas to choose from. We fabricated and installed the much needed shading for the city sidewalk.
Shaded Pedestrian Walkway Beneath Caltrans Approved Lighting Pole

Valmont Decorates Campbell with “Fruit Poles”

In 2014, the City of Campbell, CA contacted Valmont with a unique vision for a street lighting project. The city’s engineers had drawn a simple sketch featuring a pole that looked like a tree, but none of their previous pole partners were able to create it. Fortunately, with decades of custom project experience, Valmont was able to help.

Rancho Cordova, CA

Custom Sun Shade at Crosswalk in Rancho Cordova--Designed by Fran Cole & Valmont and made by Valmont
custom-sun-shade-rancho-cordova-3 (1).jpg

Oakland, CA

Valmont poles and arms. With a custom pedestrian arm for AC Transit.
AC Transit (1).jpg

On Site Photos

On-site LED decorative outdoor poles
on-site photos 025.jpg


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