LED light poles in California and Nevada

Cities across the map are becoming safer and smarter with smart streetlights and small cell poles. The applications of this technology may surprise you. When it comes to public safety, 5g smart poles combined with LED fixtures are making cities safer at all times of the day, reducing crime, and improving quality of life. Here is how LED light poles in California are changing lives for the better:  

Surveillance Data

These high-tech streetlights are a great way to survey and monitor specific areas for crime, traffic management, faulty lights, and even emergency situations. This public safety data can then be used for municipalities to consider how and where to best utilize their resources.


LED is simply a more sustainable, eco-friendly option for lighting systems. When talking about a city and its varied lighting needs, the amount of energy saved could be huge. Saving energy, reducing consumption, and increasing the quality of illumination make LED the smart choice.

Environmental Data

These smart light fixtures can also read and measure basic environmental data for cities and towns including information pertaining to weather, pollution, humidity, and crime rates.  This can help pinpoint locations where more resources are required. 

Internet Accessibility

In areas where smart poles and systems are in place, internet access is much improved. Smart cell poles bring connectivity and faster internet to locations and public areas that need it most. 

Less Maintenance

The maintenance hours saved by these smart poles reduces the necessary resources and costs associated with installation and upkeep. Easy-access makes it possible for smaller municipalities to monitor their region without the expense of hiring additional employees which may prove to be fiscally prohibitive, or even dangerous depending on the task at-hand. 

5g Smart Poles For California Cities

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