Smart Cell and 5g Pole Technology is Advancing

Smart cell poles are bringing a bevy of benefits to urban infrastructure widely. Municipalities are embracing and supporting 5g, including California smart cell poles and smart street lights, which is gaining momentum and reaping technological perks. In addition to cutting costs and lowering labor associated with maintaining municipal resources, smart technology is changing the way that people live and light their homes.

Why are urban centers supporting this technology? Here are a few ideas:

Smarter Towns and Cities

You keep hearing the term ‘smart cities’ cropping up, but what does it mean? It refers to the new trend toward making municipalities technologically independent and requiring less effort, energy, and manpower than previous models. These fundamentals are being applied to traffic management, water supplies, government services, and even networked LED streetlighting systems. The list goes on and on.

International Growth and Appeal

It has been determined that New Zealand and Australia are ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting and expanding smart street lighting solutions- as well as other associated technologies. The future of tech investors is promising, with early studies estimating a conversion of up to 95% of all existing street lighting to LED by the year 2027. Investments made up through 2020 so far are nearly $800 million in smart lighting technology markets, which is a testament to potential future growth as well as overall return on investment, or ROI.

Potential Savings

Streetlighting on its own can eat up a significant portion of a town or city budget; it is estimated in many metros that streetlights are the second highest expenditure, next to personnel costs and payroll. In some instances, street lighting accounts for more than 60% of the region’s annual utility costs. By lowering this bill with conversion to LED, the savings potential is significant.

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