Smart Cell Poles Are Changing Cities For The Better

As cities look toward the future, 5G integration has become more and more of a priority. The potential of this technology lies in its ability to provide advanced communications and broadband, and while implementation will be gradual, its overall impact will be profound. Helping that implementation along are innovations like smart cell poles and collaboration between all of the parties needed to make 5G deployment successful.

The Impact of 5G
There are several specific ways which smart poles and 5G technology will change cities, including:

  • Bringing about new city services and modifying existing ones. Two examples include automated transportation and upgrades to emergency services.
  • Utilizing city assets to provide 5G coverage. This means 5G gear will be present in places like rooftops and integrated into solutions such as 5G smart poles. Compared to past network types, 5G requires a denser concentration of transmitters and receivers.
  • Spurring economic development. Cities that have developed 5G capabilities will be more attractive to high-tech companies, for instance, which will in turn bring new investment power and employment opportunities.

City planners need to be mindful of equitable distribution of 5G coverage. Smart cell 5G setups may be able to help alleviate that particular problem: They are often small and relatively easy to incorporate into existing infrastructure, meaning they can be placed in many areas of a city.

Smart Implementation
To foster a 5G-friendly environment, city planners need to be forward-thinking yet also draw lessons from past experiences. Additionally, cities need to be designed in a collaborative manner, with cities working closely with carriers and technology providers. Also necessary will be fresh connections between service providers from both the private and public sectors, city management, local businesses, residents, and other stakeholders.

Municipalities are Advancing with Smart Cells

All of those entities will benefit from 5G, and all have a role to play in its implementation. Because of the dense equipment concentration that 5G calls for, local governments will have a large say in where and how that equipment is deployed. City planners need to be open to working together, but those who are can reap the substantial benefits that 5G coverage brings. The future in smart poles looks bright for cities, towns, and municipalities across the globe. For outdoor LED lighting on the west coast, contact the experts at Great Basin Lighting. Learn more about smart city lighting and applications that impact your life today.

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