LED Roadway Lighting Give Cities an Edge

The benefits of LED lights are bringing ease, convenience, and safety to California cities. From LED roadway lighting to money-saving reductions in manpower, the technological perks of smart cell poles make sense for municipalities on the West Coast. Discover how California LED streetlights are making life better for residents in this blog:

Lifestyle and Recreation

Especially now, citizens want the freedom to get out and enjoy their city and all the amenities available to them. Quality municipal lighting helps encourage outings in the daytime and after dark, while also adding to the bottom line of local businesses through increased revenue. When public places are well-lit and accessible, it attracts more visitors and customers.

Fewer Problems

Public safety is a chief concern for many California cities. LED lighting and smart cell poles provide improved illumination that is paired with technology that can notify emergency services and monitor specific areas of the city. It has been shown that public lighting can lower crime rates by one-fifth and cut traffic accidents down by around one-third.

Energy Efficiency
People have known about the energy efficiency of LED lighting for decades, but the technology is only getting better with time. LED lighting is nearly 60% more efficient than other conventional light sources. Also, LED bulbs and lights are cooler to the touch, radiating less heat than traditional options.

Carbon Footprint

Are you concerned about the carbon footprint that you or your city leaves behind? If you want to conserve resources and eliminate waste, LED lighting makes sense, and California recognizes this. It is estimated that the US could save a potential six-billion dollars by replacing exterior light fixtures to LED. In terms of carbon emissions, this equates to the same savings as if you removed 8.5 million automobiles from the road for a period of one year.

Lower Maintenance

Since LED lasts longer, maintenance for these fixtures and streetlights will be much lower. This eases the budgets of many smaller California municipalities, while freeing up the time of the public works department for other tasks and projects.

Learn More About Small Cell Poles and 5g Poles

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