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Advantages Of LED Lighting at Sports Fields and Stadiums

Stadiums and venues widely are embracing the gold-standard for lighting in their arenas: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LED doesn’t just benefit those watching the sports, but also curbs costs and improves circumstances across the grid. If owners and teams are opting for LED lighting retrofits for outdoor sports stadiums and venues, how may LED improve light quality in the home?

Universal Updates
Stadiums, colleges, high-schools, and even public parks are making the transition to LED outdoor lighting retrofits from older and less-efficient halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures. You may begin to observe the trend of major teams, including NFL home stadiums, making the switch to LED lighting design. So why is this?

Longer Lasting
LED is long-lasting, more so than traditional high-pressure sodium stadium lighting or metal halide. The light is brighter and covers more area, which gives the fans and spectators a better view of the action. There is less maintenance involved since the bulbs last longer, so you will use less man-power changing, replacing, and maintaining your fixtures. If you live in an area with harsh weather, implement outdoor LED lighting projects and you will have reliable and durable illumination year-round.

Substantial Savings
The bottom-line is that LED is energy-efficient and saves money, another prime reason why it is so popular. LED fixtures consume around half of what conventional bulbs and lighting use, so this is reflected in significant savings month-after-month on energy costs. Upgrading to LED is an investment that will pay for itself in a relatively short time.

Very Versatile
Since stadiums and outdoor arenas are attempting to lure fans and spectators, you want your lighting to have some entertainment quality. Outdoor LED lighting design offer spectrum-tuning elements that can help you create a light show for your events and provide something magical to your guests and visitors.

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