Municipal LED Lighting Is the Green Solution

Did you know that LED lights are better for the environment than other, traditional options? Reduce the carbon footprint that you leave behind and switch all your bulbs and fixtures to LED.

Five environmental  benefits of LED lighting are:

1. LEDs are non-toxic.
When you are focused on being kind to the environment, it makes sense to seek non-toxic bulbs and lighting options. LED lights do not contain mercury, which older lighting fixtures do. Mercury can cause issues with vision as well as mental well-being.

2. LED lighting is energy-efficient.
There is a reason why LED is used in towns and municipalities- it is very energy efficient. Take note of the Municipal LED streetlights and LED roadway lighting. LED bulbs require much less energy to use than traditional bulbs, less than half by some estimations. Since these bulbs are so inexpensive to utilize, they naturally lower overall energy consumption which results in less greenhouse gas emissions. When widely implemented, this could reduce the risk of global warming.

3. LED has a longer life.
LED has a much longer life than other bulbs, around six times longer, on the average. Furthermore, this results in less labor costs of replacing these bulbs, particularly for large-scale or municipal uses, like LED light poles in California. This is very desirable when seeking to keep lighting costs within budget restraints.

4. LED reduces your carbon footprint.
The quality of LED is significantly better at creating illuminated spaces through improved distribution of light. This means you will need fewer bulbs and fixtures to light up your space; subsequently, this lessens the carbon footprint that you leave behind.

5. There is an LED lighting solution for every space and price-point.
Finally, it makes sense to go with LED for the wide range of options and selections at varying price points. You can find a eco-friendly and cost-effective way to illuminate any and all areas and spaces using LED.

Experts in Outdoor Lighting Solutions

LED lights are slowly becoming the popular choice for both home and business use. When you consider the environmental and health benefits of switching to LED, it simply makes good sense. When you are ready to update and upgrade your lighting, contact the professionals at Great Basin Lighting, a west coast outdoor LED lighting company, and begin contributing to sustainability of the environment and preservation of the planet today.

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