LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Street and walkway lighting can dramatically reduce automobile accidents and improve personal safety. Advancements in outdoor LED lighting projects will make roads and sidewalks even safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic Safety

Automobile safety features have advanced significantly in the last 40 years, but how we light our roads has not. New research shows that street lighting type and placement can have significant impacts on roadway safety. The strategy either improves visibility or causes accidents.

To protect drivers in your Bay Area municipality (or around your company campus), consider the following road map:

  • Identify high-accident areas.
  • Install and utilize LED roadway lighting and support technologies in these locations.
  • Identify dangerously overly-lit or inconsistently lit areas.
  • Remove, reduce, or add light fixtures in these areas as appropriate.
  • Change retained light fixtures to LED for improved control and management.

Security Benefits

Well-lit businesses, sidewalks and pedestrian pathways increase the sense of security for residents and patrons and deter criminal activity. Consistent lighting improves safety, as does light distributed across the surface of a building and low-glare lights. People feel safer when they can see their surroundings clearly, and outdoor LED light fixtures provide illumination without glare.

Municipal LED Street Lighting

Great Basin Lighting has years of experience helping Bay Area cities and business develop roadway, business and community lighting solutions. We are experts in outdoor LED light design and installation, and we serve clients throughout Nevada and California. Visit our gallery to see the scope and versatility of our work, and contact us today for a consultation.