See How Smart Cell Lighting Is Protecting and Insuring Cities

In 2020, residents of California and other parts of the country’s western area have watched wildfires devastate cities and upend lives. In fact, one fire grew so large that it required an entirely new classification. Despite the best efforts of brave firefighters and other relief workers, it’s impossible to completely defeat such fires before they cause harm; however, technology like 5G smart poles can play a helpful role after wildfires.

Spotlight on California

In California alone, over 900,000 acres have burned so far. Recovery will be time-consuming and will involve the removal of toxic materials, utility repairs, and the stamping out of any remaining fire threats. Residents will face both material and mental challenges during the rebuilding process.

The task facing California is similar to the one undertaken by the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne following their own wildfire crises. Mutual aid played a big role. For instance, those cities showed how cooperation among residents can help prepare for future disasters. As an example, through smart cell technology, Sydney residents can now create emergency plans and then share those plans with other residents. (Such efforts can possibly be aided by the connectivity offered by smart cell poles.)

Utilizing Technology

Recovery isn’t just about rebuilding structures and returning people to their homes. It’s also about preparing for the future so that subsequent wildfires aren’t as devastating. Technology will play a key role there. For instance, new technology has emerged to both predict where wildfires will spawn and track them once they emerge.

Meanwhile, California smart cell poles can also help lessen the impact of wildfires. A major fire hazard is posed by outdated infrastructure; specifically, old utility poles are prone to coming into contact with overgrown vegetation. Smart poles, however, can report on hazardous conditions, like trees that are encroaching on power lines.

Learn More About Small Cell Poles and 5g Poles

Infrastructure that facilitates video, communication, and the gathering of data on factors like wind and lightning would boost future disaster-fighting efforts, and with the right planning, smart poles can provide those capabilities. Think about your options and contact the lighting professionals at Great Basin Lighting, our West Coast outdoor LED lighting company. When it comes to retrofitting street and municipal lighting, take time to consult with the experts at Great Basin Lighting to learn more.

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