Small Cell Poles Give Cities an Edge

The West Coast of the US is rapidly adapting to Smart city lighting systems via smart cell poles and 5g technology across the region. Has your area integrated smart cell 5g systems into everyday applications?

While there are many advantages to smart cell in California, the top three benefits of smart cell poles are:

The Efficiency
Perhaps the number-one advantage of these smart systems is efficiency. Not only are these applications efficient in provision and service delivery, but they are energy efficient- with the potential to save a significant amount of money over time. Real-time usage data is accessible at your fingertips- making it possible for civic leaders and city planners to quickly and precisely act based on data retrieved by smart poles.

The savings is compelling. It is estimated that making the change to smart LED lighting can curb total lighting energy by around 40%; consider the ripple effect that this may have on the environment, ecosystem, and carbon footprint that we leave behind.

The Maintenance
The reduction in actual manpower to maintain various systems due to smart cell 5g cannot be overemphasized. Communities and cities can benefit from the lower labor costs to maintain public systems that make life better for all who live there. Some of these perks for those living in regions that have switched to this technology include improved lighting, faster emergency response, and less crime.

Lower maintenance costs loosens-up budgeted funds for other things- creating the opportunity to promote further growth and change.

Public Safety
Who doesn’t want a safer community? California Smart cell poles can play a vital role in maintaining public safety. Smart street lighting creates a network so data can be swiftly transmitted and increase response time to safety threats. It is more viable to conduct surveillance and illuminate dim areas that could be prone to problems.

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