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Accountability in the changing environment continuously brings about positive results. LED lighting is the latest technological advancements in the industry supporting eco-friendly processes in terms of reducing carbon footprint. If homes are making a difference, the more businesses and municipalities can make a big impact upon embracing sustainability. Light emitting diodes offer the best option for requiring:

Why LED Lighting is the Best Option for Eco Friendly Cities

Less Energy Than Traditional Lighting

High-efficiency LEDs convert 95% of energy into light and only the remaining 5% translates into heat. Fluorescents do the exact opposite! On average, an LED light uses 40% less power than fluorescent lights and 80% less than incandescents to produce the same level of light. A 36-watt LED can easily replace an 84-watt fluorescent light. Imagine how switching to the energy-saving option can dramatically cut costs in an entire building’s electricity bill along with the demand from power plants. This is why LED lighting California companies receive a lot of calls from companies interested in LED lighting.

Fewer Lights To Illuminate An Area

Unlike other types of lighting, LEDs focus light in a single direction. No energy is wasted on illuminating areas that do not actually require lighting, such as the ceiling. With better light distribution, less lights would be needed for outdoor LED lighting projects compared to using fluorescents or incandescents. This also means fewer resources spent for manufacturing, materials for packaging materials, and fuel for transportation.

Little-To-No Maintenance

Installing LED fixtures saves municipalities and businesses operating in the area money on maintenance costs. The durable option means less frequent replacements and more time to focus on what matters most.

None Of The Toxic Elements

Fluorescent strip lights often seen in offices typically contain mercury, which would have to be disposed of responsibly. LEDs are not classified as toxic and can actually be disposed of at regular landfills. Not only can you help protect the environment from noxious chemicals, but LED lighting can significantly decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017, LED bulbs took 570 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the sky!

Give all the green outdoor lighting benefits, it’s easy to understand why the use of LEDs makes sense for businesses and the community. Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint over the relatively long life of the bulb, which is approximately six times longer than other options, makes it a wise investment.

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