3 Ways to Improve Landscape Lighting Design

decorative outdoor LED landscape lighting CaliforniaWe all know that lighting is an important part of designing a landscape. Most people dedicate a lot of time to making sure their outdoor lighting looks amazing, because they know it provides a certain aesthetic and makes the outdoors safer at nighttime. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, lighting is going to take center stage in a number of ways.  

How to Go About Landscape Lighting the Right Way

Apply the concept of lighting sparingly

The human eye gets drawn to very specific light patterns. Part of what appeals to most people is an application of accents that show high contrast. This means that if your lights are all over the place, they will be generally less attractive and functional then if they are placed and installed with a plan in mind.

Stay aware of color temperature

There are two primary color temperature ranges in lighting; cool and warm. Cool lighting lies on the bluish side of the spectrum, while warm lighting lies more towards amber on the spectrum. Blue is the most common type of LED and it works well on almost any situation. It is better at increasing visibility and is easier on the eye for long periods of exposure.

Go with outdoor LED landscape lighting

There are literally tons of reasons as to why you might want to go with LED choices for your outdoor lighting design. Below is a look at the benefits that come with these types of lights;

  • They rarely, if ever, heat up
  • They are great preservers of energy, a far cry from conventional lighting choices
  • They last 10 times longer than your traditional incandescent alternatives

Outdoor LED lighting projects offer longer lifespans and reduced electricity consumption. They have an impressive glow and are great for municipal projects as well as roadways and parking lots where LED lighting is needed the most!

LED landscape lighting installation in Nevada and California

Reach out to Great Basin Lighting and we will personally advise you on the right lighting choices for your municipal LED street lighting project. We represent only the best LED lighting manufacturers in California and Nevada who have worked on high-class projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Contact us online or call (925) 240-1566 and we we will be happy to assist you.